Do you wish to be a travel companion? Well, if you are naturally beautiful with elegance and style along with a fit body, we welcome you to join the crusade. Any gorgeous young woman with wits, compassion, positive attitude and a lively behaviour is more than welcome to be our travel companion at any point of time.

Working with us comes with a promise of safe and exciting adventures with high profile gentlemen. From dinner dates to overnight getaways and the expensive gifts, there are plenty of perks that you get when you join hands with us!

GFE Travel Companions benefits:

  • Safe and secure working environment
  • Paid professional photoshoots every 6 months
  • Thorough screening and verification backgrounds on new clients
  • Annual vacation for all companions with paid hotel accommodations
  • Monthy bonuses, campanion challenges with the chance to win money, gift cards, vacations and more
  • Lucrative referral programs for companions that recruit new prospects